Happiness Begins With Good Health

Our goal for 0thers is the same we have for ourselves… for people to feel good and positive about themselves through pampering themselves with products that make you feel good while being good for you.

This journey started when we were on a free trip to Curacao earned from being one of the top twenty in sales from a well-known direct sales company. While on the island we took a tour of an Aloe Vera farm and manufacturing plant that was responsible for the fantastic products supplied at the hotel. During this trip we noticed our skin and hair were the best they’d been in a very long time. Ever have that feeling when you get out of the shower that you are covered with soap residue? We didn’t realize we were experiencing this until we showered and moisturized with Curaloe Pure Aloe products.  It was a transformational experience.

Because we toured visited the aloe farm and manufacturing plant, we knew these were the most authentic and pure products available.  We brought home a supply to use for ourselves at home, including the pure aloe health drink we sampled onsite. I knew that we had discovered something very special when the sweeter half of this duo (the Mister) asked if we could get more of the health drink because he had been feeling much better since drinking it. Just to give perspective, it took me almost ten years to transform his diet. He’s a southern guy who hasn’t met a fried or gravy dish he didn’t like. I can think of no better endorsement than when he begged me to get him more.

Healthy and happy living is a goal in our family. We love to live life to the fullest and that means we have to find ways to create a balance of healthy and indulgence.  A shot of pure Aloe to drink daily and routine of pure Aloe for our hair and skin has us feeling our best inside and out.