Disclosure Policy

To comply with FTC rules here is my disclosure policy. If you’re reading my site, you should assume the following:

  • I don’t make money from the posts on my site, but I do make money from the products offered for sale.
  • Most, if not all, links on this blog are not paid links.  No one pays me to post them.  However I may post them in exchange for someone posting something for me. I make money only if you actually purchase something from a link on my site.
  • I am a distributor of Curaloe Aloe Vera products and I make commission on its sale from my site.
  • If you email me, all of the information in your email is mine to do with as I please. However I am not at all interested in doing anything except building good relationships with all of you. That means, I absolutely won’t be passing on anyone’s email address for any reason.