Sunburn and UV-induced Erythema

Sunburn and UV-induced erythema can be quite serious. Prevention is always best but, after you have sunburn or UV-induced erythema, quick treatment will provide relief and could limit its severity.

What is Sunburn and UV-induced Erythema?

Sunburn is a burn on your skin from excess exposure to sunlight. Everybody knows this but, understanding what is actually causing the pain and redness will help you understand how it should be treated.

When skin is over-exposed to sunlight, it is actually similar to getting burned by a hot pan. The outer layers of skin are damaged and the underlying layers of skin become inflamed and swollen. You may get blisters filled with fluid on more severe burns. The fluid is the body’s way of trying to sooth the damaged skin. Do not pop them.

Cover up as soon as you notice your skin is beginning to burn. Apply sunscreen right away or, better yet, cover up with a shirt, pants or towel or take cover under the dense shade of a large tree.

UV-induced erythema is a rash that some people get, usually because of a medication they are taking that causes hyper-sensitivity to the sun or “photosensitivity.” It is actually a rash, rather than a burn.

How to Treat Sunburn and UV-induced Erythema

The key to treating UV-induced erythema and sunburn, and/or limiting its severity, is quick action.

  • Get out of the sunlight immediately.
  • Soak in a cool bath, take a cool shower or cover the irritated area with a cool, moist towel.
  • Take ibuprofen to help reduce the inflammation.
  • Apply a moisturizer to the irritated area.
  • Drink plenty of cool, plain water.

**Seek medical attention immediately if you experience

fever, nausea, headache, confusion or chills.**

Aloe Vera is especially effective for UV-induced erythema and sunburns. It quickly cools and sooths and has anti-biotic properties that help prevent infections. Ointments that contain 10 to 70% Aloe Vera are best for burns. A 97.5% Aloe Vera gel applied to the skin then covered with a bandage provided relief of UV-induced erythema within 2 days in a study done to determine its effectiveness.

Body wash, ointments and lotions made with high quality Aloe Vera will provide quick relief and reduce the severity of sunburns and UV-induced erythema.

Aloe Vera is also an excellent treatment for skin scars, seborrhea (dandruff), lichen planus skin sores, dry skin or xerosis, psoriasis, cholesterol, diabetes, heart health and dental/oral health.