The Most Potent Form of Aloe Vera

aloe-remedies-thumb1Pure Aloe Vera gel has been described as a potent natural product which the body recognizes biologically. With its synergistic mix of essential vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes it can be a powerful force which helps the body heal itself.

Of the over 360 existing Aloe species worldwide, so far only 4 have been proven to contain healing benefits. Aloe Vera remains the one with the highest and most potent healing properties.

Egyptian queens Cleopatra and Nefertiti were famous for their beauty and radiant skin due to the ex- and internal use of Aloe Vera gel. Columbus and other Spanish explorers brought Aloe Vera along on their ships during their exploration and expedition travels to the Americas. The Aloe Vera was effective in preventing scurvy and was used as a nutritional supplement for his crew. The plant thrived in the warm climates of this region. This is the reason why 80% of the world’s Aloe Vera production and cultivation happens in the West.

Most plantations produce Aloe Vera as an ingredient for the cosmetic and beverage industry. But the pure liquid juice that comes out of the leafs of Aloe Vera is an expensive ingredient to transport so most manufacturing companies buy processed powder or concentrate which is then ‘reconstituted’ with water.

The best way to use Aloe Vera is in its purest form, keeping the symphony of over 75 bio-active ingredients intact. This is difficult but in Curacao everything is made in one location, eliminating the need to transport the aloe for processing.

The plants from Curaloe products are made grow peacefully  in the Caribbean. Currently there are over 100.000 plants ready to be harvested. In the onsite factory  the high quality gel is separated from the leaves, stabilized 3 hours after harvesting and used purely in healthy and natural products.